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Learn about the history of Edu Pride Consulting, your reliable academic travel companion.

Edu Pride Consulting, established on the tenets of excellence, support, and direction, is your collaborator in attaining scholastic achievement. We are devoted to influencing your future and opening doors to international education with a team of highly skilled professionals.

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Foreign University Admission Guidance

Set out on your global academic adventure with professional advice on applying to foreign universities. Internationally, Edu Pride Consulting provides access to prestigious universities.

Merit Scholarships Assistance

Achieve academic success without worrying about money. We help students achieve their academic objectives by helping them obtain merit scholarships.

Language Tests Preparation Services

With the help of our expert language exam preparation services, overcome linguistic hurdles. We give you the tools you need to do well on language competency tests.

Visa Guidance and Support

Make the visa application process easier with our thorough advice and assistance. Our goal is to make your dream of studying abroad come true by providing a hassle-free experience.

Partnering in Success

Why Choose Us ?

Global Linkage

Gain access to a large network of prestigious colleges and other educational establishments.

Personalized Guidance

customised guidance and assistance to meet your particular academic objectives.

Financial Support

Find scholarship options and obtain funding for your education.

Expert Counseling

Get advice from seasoned advisors that genuinely care about your success.

Language Proficiency

With the help of our specialised preparation services, ace language exams.

Comprehensive Support

From acceptance to lodging, we offer comprehensive assistance for your travels.

5+ Years of Excellence

• 5000 IELTS & PTE Students
• 1000+ Universities/ Colleges Placements

The Best in Lahore

Best in the city Award Winner for PTE (Pearson)

Accredited Firm

  • ICEF Accredited Registered Firm
  • Qualified Education Agent Counselors (QEAC)

Transform Your Future

Start your academic adventure with EduPride Consulting. This is where your success story starts.

Basit Ahmed

CEO & Founder
With EduPride Consulting, the booking process is simple and hassle-free.

How to Apply Through EduPride Consulting

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Make an appointment for a customised consultation to start your academic path.

Get University & Course Options

A wide range of universities and courses available at top destinations worldwide.

Initiate your Process

Initiate your process and get offers from selected universities.

Our Team

Our Team for Your Help and Guidance

Basit Ahmed

QEAC NO : #11991

Mujtaba Saleem (Late)

QEAC NO : #T257

Ali Ahmad Jan
Branch Manager

QEAC NO : #T685


What People Are Saying About Us

Noor Fatima
Noor Fatima
Excellent service, my visa has been granted of Australia as my whole process is done by Edupride consulting. Highly recommended♥️
Sehar Rizwan
Sehar Rizwan
Alhamdulillah, I received my Australian visa yesterday, and I'm immensely grateful for the entire Edupride consulting team. They guided me through the Australian visa process smoothly, ensuring every detail was handled with care and efficiency. Grateful for their expertise and support. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking visa assistance.
Umar Ali
Umar Ali
Hi! My name is Umar Ali. I have recently received my UK Student Visa. I started my process with EduPride Consulting. It was a very smooth journey with Edupride Consulting. After the completion of Admission Process, I received my Visa. I am very thankful to Allah Almighty. I would highly recommend to others who want to start their process with them if anyone wants to go to Uk with a smooth process without any hurdles. Once again i thankful to EduPride for their excellent services.
M Atif Azeem
M Atif Azeem
Got my student visa for Sheffield Hallam university UK within 8 day,team EduPride is highly trained and professional.i had a great experience
Ahmed Mughal
Ahmed Mughal
I had an excellent experience with Edu Pride Consulting while applying for my UK studies. The entire process was not only successful but also remarkably smooth. I highly recommend their services for anyone looking for a seamless and efficient application process. Five stars!
Tooba Naseer
Tooba Naseer
I want to express my deepest gratitude for the invaluable assistance EduPride provided me in my journey of securing admission to one of the best university in the UK and successfully obtaining my visa. Their guidance and expertise were very professional and timely. I highly recommend the EduPride to those who dream of studying abroad.
Syed Mazhar Qayyum
Syed Mazhar Qayyum
My Name is Syed Mazhar Qayyum and today I got my visa SC 500 through Edupride consulting. I recommend you to visit Edupride because the are qualified agents. My overall experience is very well with Team Edupride. Thankyou Edupride
Hassan Daud
Hassan Daud
Best consultants
Muazam Mansoor
Muazam Mansoor
Sir Basit is very helpful and friendly. His attitude is really appreciated. He is such a great person and I always found him a supporting and caring person during my discussion with him. 5 stars for you Sir !.
Haroon Munir
Haroon Munir
EduPride team is very helpful and give sincere advise. I highly recommend EduPride for foreign studies.